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воскресенье, 24 декабря 2017 г.

Christmas quiz

How much do you know about …

1) When is the feast of St. Nicholas?
a) December 6th
b) December 25th
c) December 18th

2) Where does Santa live?
a) In Holland.
b) In Germany.
c) In Finland.

3) What animals are Santa’s helpers?
a) Reindeers.
b) Teddy bears.
c) Horses.

4) What do children hang up for Santa to put the presents in?
a) Bags.
b) Gloves.
c) Stockings.

5) Where are the presents kept before opening them?
a) Under the tree.
b) In a crib.
c) Under the bed.

6) What is hung outside the door?
a) A calendar.
b) A wreath.
c) A bell.

7) What kind of songs are sung?
a) Lullabies.
b) Hymns.
c) Carols.

8) What plant with red berries is used for decorations?
a) Holly.
b) Poinsettia.
c) Butcher’s broom.

9) What do you kiss under?
a) The Christmas tree.
b) The table.
c) Mistletoe.

10) What kind of calendar is opened by children leading up to Christmas?
a) A Christmas calendar.
b) An Advent calendar.
c) A desk calendar.

11) What bird is cooked for Christmas dinner?
a) Turkey.
b) Goose.
c) Chicken.

12) Which of Santa’s reindeers has a red nose?
a) Dasher.
b) Cupid.
c) Rudolph.

13) Where did the baby Jesus sleep?
a) In a bed.
b) In a manger.
c) In a cradle.

14) Where was Jesus born?
a) Jerusalem.
b) Bethlehem.
c) Jericho.

15) What did the wise men follow?
a) A star.
b) A reindeer.
c) A camel.

16) Who helps Santa to make toys at the North Pole?
a) Reindeer.
b) Elves.
c) Dwarfs.

17) What is a common abbreviation for Christmas?
a) Z’mas.
b) C’mas.
c) X’mas.

18) Which of these names doesn’t belong to one of Santa’s reindeers?
a) Comet.
b) Prancer.
c) Klaxon.

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