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вторник, 27 января 2015 г.

The Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad

 The Soviet soldiers fought in the combat actions of Iskra (Spark) operation carried out between January 12-30, 1943. In that operation the troops of the 67th Army of Leningrad Front (commanded by Lieutenant-General L.Govorov), the 2nd Strike Army and part of the 8th Army of the Volkov Front (commanded by General of the Army K.Meretskov) supported by the Baltic Fleet units ran the enemy blockade of Leningrad striking blows from two sides on a narrow strip between Schlisselburg and Sinyavino (south of Lake Ladoga) and linked up at Rabochy Posyoloks (Working Townships) №1 and №5 on January 18, 1943.
On January 27 is Day of military glory of Russia — Day of a full lifting the siege of the city of Leningrad (1944).

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